Beginners Course

Learn how to row

Rowing Centre Berlagebrug aims to make the rowing sport accessible to everyone. Rowing is a healthy and complete outdoor sport that you can practice throughout the year. We offer beginner courses all year round, giving you the opportunity to gain an insight into the world of rowing, learn the basics of the sport and enjoy the stunning scenery of the river Amstel.

Overview of the course:

  • 4 persons rowing shells: 1 lesson per week (weekend-/ evening- or midweek courses)
  • Duration = 8 weeks / starts 6 times per year
  • 1 hour per lesson (midweek courses 1,25 hours per lesson)
  • Rowing in stable rowing shells to ensure safety
  • Coaching and guiding by our qualified rowing instructors
  • Fun activities like competitive side by side racing at the end of the course
  • Price for an 8 week course: 1x per week: €135

At the end of this course you will have gained basic knowledge of:

  • Rowing technique in theory and practice
  • Handling and basic maintenance of rowing shells
  • Safety and traffic rules

Your first lesson
Please note that participants need to indicate that they are present 5 minutes before the lesson starts at the head instructor’s desk. Please make sure that you are already wearing your rowing clothes and ready to start the lesson. The head instructor will introduce you to your rowing instructor and the other participants together with whom you will row.

Rowing Centre Berlagebrug has excellent changing facilities and showers for individuals and groups. Lockers for safekeeping of all your valuable belongings are available. After your rowing lesson the Berlagebrug Team will be ready to serve drinks and snacks on our uniquely located, sunlit terrace on the waterfront. With central Amsterdam on our doorstep you can easily step away from the city to enjoy a relaxing rowing lesson.

The best clothing for rowing is soft, stretchy, breathable, and fairly form fitting combined with a simple pair of sport shoes. Loose shorts can get caught in the slides under the moving seats, so avoid basketball style shorts or warm-ups. Loose tops can get caught in the oar handles, so avoid bulky jackets or sweatshirts. In general one should dress as though they are going running for example.
Participants who have booked a Single Course should bring a spare set of dry clothes.

Extra tips:

  • water bottle (plastic and preferably put an old sock around it to protect the rowing shell)
  • cap (sun/rain protection)
  • eyeglass strap (for participants of the single boat course)

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