Private lessons

In addition to the regular course program, Rowing Centre Berlagebrug offers Private Rowing Lessons with our certified and experienced rowing instructors all year round. Taking a private lesson is similar to a session with a personal trainer as it is all about young the instructor can fully address your questions and wishes. Our instructors work on your technique, sort out your trouble spots, boost your skill level and even your confidence. Please note that private lessons are offered at all levels and can prepare to achieve a specific goal or even a competition.Private lessons are flexible as you can indicate preference of date and time as part of your registration. The Berlagebrug Team will make every effort to accommodate your request as accurate as possible.

Beginners have the chance to master the sport at their own pace and are guided in the rowing tank as well as on the water.
If you are an experienced rower, you can take a Private Lesson to update your technique or specifically practice for a certificate or competition. We accompany you from the boat or from the shore.

Please note: whilst we offer private lessons we require a minimum of 1 hour to run a private lesson.

Benefits Private Lessons:

  • Intensive, individual coaching and guidance.
  • Tailor-made lessons that fully match your experience, technique and wishes
  • You can indicate preferred date and time when you want to schedule the lesson

Prices per hour:

  • € 50,- for 1 participants
  • € 70,- for 2 participants
  • € 80,- for 3 or 4 participants

Book a Private Lesson:

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