At Rowing Centre Berlagebrug we offer a wide variety of unique rowing activities during the year. For example in December and January Amsterdam lights up for the sixth edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival. Over 35 art installations designed by international artists and architects find their way to the city of Amsterdam. Rowing Centre Berlagebrug organizes tours to experience the incredible views along the Illuminated route.

Amsterdam Light-Festival Tour

During previous editions you passed the Heren-, Keizers-, and Prinsengracht, towards the Western part of Amsterdam: the Haarlemmerpoort and the Zoutkeetsgracht.

The tour is expected to be 12 kilometers long, and takes about 2.5 hours. Each boat is coxed by one of our professional instructors.

Ticket sale will start on the 13th of September 2018.


National Maritime Museum Tour

Price: 120,00

During the National Maritime Museum Tour, you will row on the Amstel River, passing the Tropenmuseum and the National Maritime Museum! A nice tour of about 8km passing by various sights of Amsterdam.

The tour will last 1.5 hours and each boat will be coxed by one of our professional instructors. You book the trip from 4 persons / per boat.


Grote grachtentocht

Price: 160,00

This extraordinary Rowing Tour on the Canals of Amsterdam will offer marvelous views of the UNESCO world heritage site. Be amazed by ancient bridges, merchant’s houses and 17th century gables. You will be able to experience the Amsterdam city waters to the fullest, as our experienced rowing instructors will take you along both the wide and narrow canals. Departing from our uniquely located Rowing Centre at the Berlagebrug the tour will take you through the Canals to ‘Prinseneiland’ and ‘Zoutkeesgracht’. Make your way through the Canals at your leisure whilst connecting with the Dutch Golden Age.

Duration of the Tour: 2,5h

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